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Frequently asked questions.
It is important for you to understand exactly what your health care insurance policy will provide. You are responsible to pay any required co-pays and deductibles. Your insurance company dictates whether you should be billed for any unpaid balances. Not all health care plans offer the same benefits. There may be services that are not covered because the insurance company may consider them routine, preventive or unnecessary. Even within the same insurance company, the plans differ depending on the contract your employer negotiated. Providing quality care is our primary concern, and we are more than willing to provide that care within your insurance contract guidelines. However, as those guidelines differ from one policy to another, it is your responsibility to know your coverage based on your insurance plan.
Your insurance card provides an incredible amount of information needed for billing purposes; such as your membership number, effective date, group number, billing address, type of plan, co-pay amounts and often much more. Once we have the information in our system, we need to review your insurance card in subsequent visits to ensure that our information is current and verify that there have been no changes in your insurance plan. This prevents a lot of billing confusion and limits the chances that we send you a bill because of incorrect insurance information.
A list of the insurance plans that we participate with can be accessed by selecting the “Insurance” link here on our website. Please call us to determine if an insurance plan not listed is one that we can bill.