Preventive Care

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Preventive Care

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Preventive Care.

Your health matters!

Through a preventive exam and routine health screenings, your provider can determine your current health status and detect early warning signs of more serious problems. Your preventive care services may include immunizations, physical exams, lab work and x-rays.

Preventive care is important because it helps you stay healthy and access prompt treatment when necessary, and it can also help reduce your overall medical expenses. Stay healthier and get more effective treatment – Many types of screenings and tests can catch a disease before it starts.

Most preventive services are covered under basic insurance plans.

Our providers value the importance of preventive and routine physicals for patients. During annual exams, patients meet with a board-certified provider who will provide a thorough examination and review of the patient's medical history. Coupled with the appropriate diagnostics and lab work, provider will evaluate your health. The provider will discuss the test results so you can ask questions and bring up any concerns you may have. Preventive and annual wellness Visits can be scheduled from patient portal. You can request an appointment for preventive care, annual exams, sports physicals, back-to-school physicals, post-operative examinations and job-related physicals.

Types of Preventive Services.

For adults, covered preventive services include:

Preventive services specifically for women include: